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We are located in Forusbeen 78 in Stavanger.
Post: Postbox 360 Forus, 4067 Stavanger
Switchboard: 51 57 90 00
Fax: 51 57 90 05
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2k Tools

Supplier of patented Drill String Internal Wiper System (DSIWS) . 2K Tools is located in Narvik, Norway.

Drill String Internal Wiper System

The Drill String Internal Wiper System cleans the drillstring of drilling fluid while tripping from the borehole following drilling operations. It meets all safety requirements and imparts no additional operational risk. The system requires no service personnel, and is easily and safely operated by rig personnel. It keeps drillpipes clean at all times and eliminates drill floor mud spills and slop production from drillpipe. Drilling fluid is easily pumped through the tool while inside the drillstring without additional pressure drop in the string. The tool can be fished from the string at any time during operations if required. 

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