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Wirescan launches LIRA Portable

Wirescan launches LIRA Portable, the unique cable condition assessment tool. With LIRA Portable the cable manufacturers, installers, operators and maintenance providers can easily assess the condition of any electrical cable, to prevent sudden cable breakdowns leading to high repair costs. The LIRA Portable can be used as additional quality control during manufacturing, as cable condition monitoring during installation, and to provide a condition fingerprint of the cable prior to start of operation. In addition, the LIRA Portable can be used to establish a condition trend on the cable, to plan repair and maintenance in a cost efficient way, and to accurately locate a failure in the cable when a cable break down has occurred.

LIRA Portable

This easy to use measurement tool provides risk management and cost control to all parties involved during the life time of a cable LIRA Portable helps you Manage Risk and gain Cost Control through:

  • Quality control of supplied and installed cable
  • Monitoring during installation repair immediately
  • Plan maintenance and repairs versus high costs at surprising cable break downs
  • Plan maintenance of cables replacement regime
  • Accurate location of failures lowers search cost
  • Quality control when third party is involved
  • Allocation of responsibility at time of failure

The LIRA Portable is easily connected to two cores (e.g. conductor and screen) of the cable, and will detect all impedance changes in the cable insulation caused by e.g. mechanical impacts, water intrusion or heating.
Key features and benefits of LIRA Portable:

  • Light weight, battery and AC powered, 9.7 sunlight readable touch screen and rugged design
    - Easy transportation and use in challenging light conditions and harsh environments
  • Two USB and one Ethernet connection
    - Transfer of reports and measurement files to laptops or USB sticks, and possibilities for remote operation, expert support and calibration
  • Built-in report generator
    - Provides on-site report of the cable condition
  • Local database
    - Cable data and result files stored locally on LIRA Portable for playback and later optimization of measurement results

For more information about LIRA Portable. Please contact Wirescan at:
Vidar Bergli, VP Sales,, +47 95939500
Snorre Tangen, Sales Manager,, +47 94520225

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